In 1982, there was an organization of accident reconstructionists that limited its membership to those who were in law enforcement, or were closely affiliated with law enforcement. Included in the group that met that year, were several people who felt membership shouldn’t be limited to a small focus group. From that discontent, a new group was formed – The Society of Accident Reconstructionists (SOAR). They acknowledged the collective expertise in the first group, but invited other groups to contribute. Namely, they welcomed attorneys, engineers, police officers, private practitioners, and anyone who expressed an interest in accident reconstruction. They felt the open exchange of information among all groups interested in reconstruction would be beneficial and would enhance the expertise of everyone. From that idea, SOAR was born.

Ask anyone involved in accident reconstruction which of the groups tend to be the leaders in the field and SOAR will be one of the first three mentioned. SOAR is an international organization devoted to accident reconstruction, training of reconstructionists, and the open exchange of ideas, tips and information between the premier members of the accident reconstruction community. As furtherance of those goals, SOAR participates with several other groups and co-hosts annual training seminars around the country dealing with all facets of accident reconstruction.

Each quarter, members receive The SOARce, a publication without equal throughout the country. The SOARce is a magazine published (on time) by and for our members and deals with a variety of topics, many of which wouldn’t immediately come to mind, but are absolutely a part of accident reconstruction. You might not think that articles detailing highway department practices with magnesium chloride would be of interest, but, did you know that, if improperly applied, “mag chloride” will add to the slipperiness of a road? Read The SOARce and you’ll be provided with that type of information along with the more “normal” types of reconstruction information you might get elsewhere.

Each year, members assemble at a venue somewhere in the country (we haven’t managed to have a seminar outside the United States, yet – although we DID have a seminar on board a cruise ship in the Caribbean Sea) and meet the “who’s who” of the industry. At the training seminars, members are exposed to the best minds in the field and can “rub elbows” with the true experts from across the world. In addition, testing and training is provided to equal that currently available, anywhere.

With all the horn tooting so far, it must be said that we have multiple levels of membership and encourage anyone having an interest in accident reconstruction to join one of the best organizations active today. We haven’t forgotten that all members were, at one point, novices and searching for additional expertise. You don’t have to be one of the recognized names in accident reconstruction to join, just have an interest in accident reconstruction. We also recognize that new membership is the ingredient that will most improve our organization.

Membership in SOAR will gain you the following:

  • quarterly issues of The SOARce
  • annual training opportunities with some of the finest experts in the field
  • inclusion in a group of individuals that are recognized throughout the world as being among the forerunners of the industry
  • and access to the latest trends and information available within the industry

Print out the application and complete the information.

The membership committee will review your application and will advise you of your membership level. Once you’re a member, you’ll be entitled to receive all the benefits afforded our members throughout the world.